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With our specially designed All-in-One DIY Compliance Platform, we enable smarter decisions and stronger performance on organisation’s security & privacy priorities without compromising on quality. How? By keeping things simple and straightforward to help you towards your ISO 27001 Certification. 

Compleye Online
Online Compliance Platform | Compleye

Because of brands like these, we can do what we do best:
Making compliance (almost) fun!

¨Working with Compleye Online feels like you
are in the head of a Compliance Officer¨

All-in-One Compliance Platform

All-in-one Compliance platform

Compliance Platforn

Your Cybersecurity done right!

Compleye Compliance | Best Compliance Tool
"Say what you do. Prove what you did. And keep doing it."

Your all-in-one Compliance platform!

Monitoring & Measuring | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Controls & Evidence

Track your evidence and implement the controls needed in your business! Every section in Compleye Online has a clear Audit trail!

Policies Templates | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Policies Templates

Over 30+ audit proof templates to help you start the right way with all the correct documents in place for your compliance

Compliance Roadmap | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Suppliers Overview & Assets

Have a clear overview of all your companies assets and suppliers.

DIY Instructions | Compliance Platform | Compleye


We provide you free access to our detailed WIKI written by our Lean Compliance Designers that explains you exactly what to do in what section, the how and why and makes it feel like Compliance could not be any easier!

Visual Value Proposition | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Compliance Dashboard

A clear dashboard when you login with all the information you need, what is coming up, what tasks are pending, who was the last to login and much more!

Applicability Statement | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Applicability Statement

Working on your Compliance Roadmap with Compleye Online but not totally ready yet for your ISO 27001 certification? We help you with an applicability statement to show your future deals that you are working on a good and solid cybersecurity!

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