Facing your security & privacy challenges, while maintaining the exclusive focus on your business. Would you comply?

At Compleye, we deliver actionable and objective insight to smart-technology companies. Our specially designed do-it-yourself platform, enables smarter decisions and stronger performance on your organisation’s security & privacy priorities without compromising on quality. How? By keeping things simple and straightforward. 

Ready to translate your compliance challenges into opportunities?

Online Compliance Platform | Compleye

Because of brands like these, we can do what we do best:
Making compliance almost fun!

¨Working with Compleye Online feels like you
are in the head of a Compliance Officer¨

All-In-One Compliance Platform | Compleye

All-in-one platform

Made by Lean Compliance Designers | Best Online Compliance Tool

Made by Lean Compliance Designers

Compleye Compliance | Best Compliance Tool

"Say what you do. Prove what you did. And keep doing it."

Your all-in-one Compliance platform!

Monitoring & Measuring | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Monitoring & Measuring

Policies Templates | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Policies Templates

Compliance Roadmap | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Compliance Roadmap

DIY Instructions | Compliance Platform | Compleye


Visual Value Proposition | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Visual Value Proposition

Applicability Statement | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Applicability Statement

Our compliance insights

Just a little about Compleye | Best Online Compliance Platform

Just a little about Compleye

When Compleye’s CEO Karolin started to be busy with the topics security, privacy and quality, she was searching for likeminded people that would be able to break out of the fixed patterns and the set

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Why did we decide to create DIY Compliance Tool? | Compleye

Why did we decide to create DIY Compliance Tool?

What if we told you that you can start with your business’ compliance matters all by yourself? Yes, you’re reading it correctly: tackling them without compliance officers, masterminds and wizkids, just by using your rookie-based

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Our ISO27001 certification approach, makes it almost fun! | Compleye

Our ISO27001 certification approach, makes it almost fun!

How is your ISO27001 certification working out for you? There is a reasonable chance that collecting all necessary documentation makes you want to throw your pc out of the window. Don’t. Compleye is here to the rescue. “Making compliance almost fun”, is one of our quotes for a reason.

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