Compliance Statement

Compleye is on a mission to transform the way we think about compliance. By using compliance as a building block for your value proposition, you can let compliance work for you, instead of letting compliance rule your business.

We believe that we need to make compliance a bit more fun (again) and that is why we organize it where it belongs, in the heart of your organisation. We challenge the vision of your Value Proposition and make compliance more meaningful while increasing security and quality awareness in your team.

After all, every TechCompany has to ask itself only 2 questions to become compliant: Is my product ecosystem safe and secure? And, does every customer get the quality product we promised?

For us, compliance is ‘Say what you do and Prove that you did & do’. The sooner you start building this culture – the faster you grow your business. We call ourself lean compliance designers.

Karolin Kruiskamp
Founder. Lean Compliance Designer.

Tom Dutilh
Chief Operation Officer.QMS specialist.

Justus Brouwers
Chief Information Officer

Paula Perkusic Birger
Compleye Officer

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