The ISO 27001 Platform for Startups

That makes compliance (almost) fun!

All-in-One DIY Compliance Platform to help start-ups towards their ISO 27001, ISO 9001, or SOC-2 certification and stronger performance on privacy and security.

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ISO 27001 Requirements ISMS Roadmap Policies

Compleye’s ISO 27001 do it yourself platform is easy to use and provides stepbystep guidance on how to implement an ISMS, including templates and tools for each stage of the process. The platform is also flexible, allowing organisations to tailor their ISO 27001 implementation to their specific needs.

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Monitoring & Measuring | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Controls & Evidence

Track your evidence and implement the controls needed in your business. Every section in Compleye Online has a clear audit trail.

Policies Templates | Compliance Platform | Compleye


30+ audit-proof templates to help you start the right way with all the correct documents in place for your compliance.

Compliance Roadmap | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Suppliers Overview & Assets

Have a clear overview of all your company’s assets and suppliers.

DIY Instructions | Compliance Platform | Compleye

ISO 27001

Enjoy free access to our detailed Wiki, written by our lean compliance designers, explaining exactly what to do in each section. Compliance doesn’t get easier than this! In fact, it’s (almost) fun!

Visual Value Proposition | Compliance Platform | Compleye


A clear dashboard when you log in with all the information you need: what’s coming up, what tasks are pending, who was the last to log in and much more.

Applicability Statement | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Applicability Statement

Working on your compliance roadmap with Compleye Online but not totally ready for your ISO 27001 certification? We help you with an applicability statement as proof that you are working on good and solid cybersecurity.

"Say what you do. Prove what you did.
And keep doing it."

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Compleye Employs CTO, William Hurst

South African born entrepreneur turned CTO, William Hurst joined Compleye in October 2022.   Where’s he from?  With an entrepreneurial, rather than an academic brain, William started (and quickly ended) his studies at Stellenbosch University in

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