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We translate the complex paper-based compliance terminology into digital and actionable Kanban cards to eliminate the endless paperwork.  


Our Compleye X-Ray helps you achieve a 360 view of your organization and identify your compliance vulnerabilities across your business value chain.


We co-create the definition and support you with the collection of evidence needed, to enable a secure and safe business environment between you and your business partners.

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Simply put, corporate compliance means having internal policies and procedures designed to prevent and detect violations of applicable law, regulations, rules and ethical standards by employees, agents and others. It involves legal risk management and internal controls. 
Always remember that it is much easier to become compliant as a small company and that you do not need to have a full time compliance officer in your team to become compliant.  

If you are a Startup or Scaleup, your corporate customers will require that you need to meet some of their own standards. However, you do not need to copy they way they are organizing their compliance.  
You just need to negotiate which standards you need to have in place and you can define how to organize this. 

If you are a B2B company, with a your own developed product, the first requirement will be ISO27001 – International standard for Cybersecurity. This covers topics from Business, Legal, IT Infrastructure, Development and Security organization.  
We call it your licence to operate – and will ensure that you professionalize and embed your security in the heart of your organization. 

The ISO27001 external costs for certification are approx.. 8-10 KEuro, depending on the size of your company and the complexity of your IT Infrastructure. This fee will be paid to an Audit Certificate Company and last for 3 years. Next to that you will need to design and implement your ISO27001 framework – if you do not have the time or expertise in your company, you will need to hire consultants.  
Compleye provides standard programs for B2B companies – 5DI  PrepForCert  and KeepYouCert, tailor made for SME’s. 

It is important to have C-Level involved from the start of your compliance journey – Business and Development need to know what it takes to setup a good security framework. If you embed your compliance into your daily routines, it will take you less time to become and stay compliant and in this way your entire team understands the importance of security. So when security threats are entering your business, everyone knows how to act and you will avoid future disaster that will harm your business.  
That is what we call a strong 1st line of defence and lesser time and money need to be spend on compliance jobs in 2nd line. That will save you compliance costs. 

We understand that Starting a business cashflow is always tight. However if you want that big contract after your first POC, you will need to answer some compliance questions.  
So, why don’t you start with that 30 min free compliance call and get some tips on what to say during your sales pitch.  

We understand that compliance is a boring topic to most Tech and Business people, unfortunately that is the result of leaving it up to corporates. However, you do not have to take over the way corporate are organizing it. 
You can outsource a lot of the boring stuff to us – we love compliance. You still will need to assign at least 1 person to be in charge to start with, and together with that person we will setup your security system. 

Right now, if you are searching on the internet – it probably means that one of customers have already requested that you need to have something in place. So start with defining how you compliance roadmap could look like.  
No idea where to start? Push this button and get online with us. 

If you have developed (and maintain) your own application, GDPR is not enough. You will need to start setting up your ISO27001 framework and ensure that you are building in a cybersecure environment. 

  1. The Compliance Officer works together with management and staff to identify and manage regulatory risk. Some of the responsibilities:  
  • Develop and maintain company policies and procedures 
  • Evaluate the company’s procedures, practices, and documents to identify possible weaknesses or risks 
  • Conducts internal audits 
  • Provide accurate management review report  

Before hiring your own compliance officer, buy first a Compleye Programs and work with one of our Online Compliance Officer. That will save you time and money at the start.  

Do you want a full Role description? 
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