Let’s be frank – going through compliance on your own, as a small Tech company, can be a nightmare. Yet, to do business with corporates, you need to take that hurdle.

At compleye. we bring together experience & knowledge of the startup and corporate worlds, to get you up to standard and on the path to becoming a professional and cybersecure partner for your customers and End-Users. We defy the way compliance is done today and pioneer a smarter, leaner and more efficient approach to getting you compliance ready.


It’s time to move on and leave the piles of static documentation in the past. We have transformed the static ISO norm into actionable checklists in a dynamic online environment.


We use the power of visualization to get everyone on the same page, address real risks and design solutions in a universal language.


By moving the scale on compliance from a nightmare to (almost) fun, we drive more responsibility and awareness among your team. Imagine what that could mean for the security of your company and products.

We make compliance almost fun

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