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Compleye is on a mission to transform compliance. We defy the way compliance is done today. We dislike piles of paper documentation as much as you do!
New Smart Technology companies deserve New compliance rules. We prove that we need to change current regulations.
Our Compleye Officers act like human smart contracts: turning (your) paper (piles) into actionable steps, using kanban boards to monitor the actual security and quality of your platform and services. 
At Compleye, we challenge old school regulators and auditors to make a first step into Real Time Auditing. Making compliance a bit more fun and organizing it back to where it belongs, in the heart of your company.
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Compleye’s Lean Compliance Designers guide you through the Complex World of Compliance. Making your next step clear and understandable – by designing (strategic) sprints that benefit your business.

Wiki: “Scrum Sprint is a repeatable fixed time-box during which a ‘Done’ product of the highest possible value is created. Sprint lies at the core of the Sprint agile methodology…”

Compleye uses these Sprints too.

E.g., if, for the first time, you encounter an opportunity  to do business with a big corporate company and they ask you about your ISMS, ISO certification and SDLC – and you do not know how to address that?

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This is the place where we create the compliance job of the future. As we do not need more people controlling other people, we implement smart tooling and an agile way of working to keep up with the technology companies of the future.

We train our (or your) compliance officer and keep them up to standard to address the challenges of regulations and the dynamics of your internal organization.

Teach them how to organize activities, documentation and evidence of you Information Security (and) Quality Managmegement System in a smart and agile way. And get you ISO Certified – however small you (tech)Team is.

Compleye works with (new school) industry experts to keep you up to standard.


Compliance is a costly Process – a lot of people are involved, especially on the corporate side. SME’s do not have the money to hire compliance experts.

And let’s be frank – why should we pay for experts that create piles of paper, that are already out of date the moment they are approved by 4 levels of management?

In our Innovation Lab we run experiments to make auditing more efficient while increasing security and quality.

We believe that New Technology – like Blokchain – can help make compliance more efficient an less costly.

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You have a real life Compleye friend on the other side of the line!

We make compliance almost fun!

Karolin Kruiskamp
Founder. Lean Compliance Designer.

Tom Dutilh
Compleye Officer.QMS specialist.

Mirjan van Beuge
Compleye Officer. Communications.

Justus Brouwers
Chief Technology Officer as of mid-April

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