5DI / ISO27001

In only 5 days we setup your ISO27001 framework and create a Gap Analysis; so you know how to get ISO27001 certified

Addressing ISO27001

From your business strategy, key stakeholders contract, IT infra documentation, Assessment, Policies, Procedures, Leadership, Roles, Planning and Documentation – we touch every topic and customize our lean compliance approach to your culture.

Train ISMS Team on Security Awareness

By performing a number of assessments (IT, Security, Supplier, Assets, GDPR etc.) we identify risks that need mitigation. On the spot, we define the first improvements for your ISMS and the definition and frequency of your security controls that need to be in place.

Defining your Security Company Culture

During the 5days we learn from you and you learn from us and together we finalize all documentation and activities. Together we are your ISMS Team and assign tasks and responsibilities, the foundation of your new Security Culture.

Co-Create your ISMS in just 5 days

Day 1

From Complex to Compleye

Day 2

Culture & Language

Day 3

Push and Pull of the policies

Day 4

Verify & Validate

Day 5

Alignment & Show Time

Let's finish it up!

We close the 5DI with a final presentation and your first Management Review mandatory document for your ISO27001 certification process. The final presentation is the perfect Gap Analysis – with a list of improvements to close the gap. So next time you are in conversation with new customers you can not only when you will be certified, but also how you will get the job done.

“It's a safe and in-control way of setting up ISMS and I am impressed with the planning already after the first day."



Start building your security foundation