Compleye Employs Full-Time Commercial Director, Heikki Erola

Entrepreneur, startup founder & SaaS builder, Heikki Erola, joins Compleye as Director of Commerce.

Where’d he come from?

Born and bred in Finland, Compleye’s new Director of Commerce has lived in a number of countries and now resides in Barcelona.

An entrepreneur, Heikki has been working in software and in the world of SaaS for more than 20 years, primarily with American companies wanting to expand to the EMEA and APAC regions. Helping these organisations to set up partnerships in Europe and gain traction by getting marketing off the ground, finding employees and clients and beginning all startup operations has been Heikki’s focus. He also has his own startup companies in the HR and recruitment sectors.

So why compliance?

“It might not be the sexiest topic,” says Heikki, “But it’s certainly a hot topic.”
Also, the more he spoke to the Venturerock and Compleye management teams, the more he liked the sound of compliance. He especially appreciated the transparent nature of the company and processes.

Having been involved with a few companies that have been through the ISO 27001 certification process, Heikki knows that there is a common attitude of ‘We have to get it done,’ when it comes to compliance. Making compliance (almost) fun is a way of counteracting this sentiment and making the process transparent and easier.

Heikki thinks there is a huge need for the kind of platform and service that Compleye offers.

Does he have any advice for startups in terms of compliance?

Having seen the startup journey unfold over and over, Heikki says that the first couple of months is a survival game and often consists of attempts to get capital from the three Fs (friends, family and fools). Once you’re up and running, it’s time to differentiate yourself. And this is when compliance becomes important. It’s a must have for companies that want to be taken seriously.

What will Heikki be getting up to at Compleye?

Heikki will be running the business side of Compleye, driving revenues and building the business and commercial activities.

Can compliance be (almost) fun?

Heikki loves that Compleye Online isn’t just a platform. There’s a human element. Having experienced the digital world through his own companies, Heikki realised that people want to have a human connection. That’s what makes compliance the way it’s done at Compleye, (almost) fun.

Says Heikki, “Having a chat, a hand-holder, someone to lighten the load is hugely valuable. That’s something that Compleye has really got right – the balance between technology and the human touch.”

What’s the goal?

Heikki’s aim for Compleye is not only to hit the revenue targets.
“The startup honeymoon is over,” he says. “It’s a more mature market. So, we need to look at the market in a more realistic way.”
Heikki aims to ensure profitability and sustainability for Compleye, and achieving growth and loyalty are a part of that. In addition, he’ll be making sure that we keep innovating and bringing new products and services to market, surprising our customers at every turn.

Heikki affirms that Compleye has an amazing product and service and that we are now at a turning point where we can get real traction in the market.

And now for the (almost) fun stuff…

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