Compleye’s Startupper: Overview never felt so good

Compleye’s Startupper: Overview never felt so good | Compleye

If we’d ask you how many tools your company is using, could you name them? Which subscriptions are monthly and annually billed from your bank account? Any idea which people have access to every single one of your business’ 3000 excel files? You probably didn’t even know that there were 3000 to begin with. Just imagine there would be some kind of system that could help you with this eternally irritating problem.. Oh, wait. 

Day in and day out, businesses create and manage huge amounts of documents. There are, quite literally, business tools and files for every single task or situation. Surely, with so many tools automating and improving our work, our teams’ productivity should be skyrocketed. Right? No, not right. Using tens of different tools can easily lead to a lack of collaboration, a decrease in productivity and a loss of overview in general. How about knowing what you use and only paying for what you need? 

Take back control with Compleye’s Startupper

At Compleye – we’re only human after all – we are also familiar with this ongoing struggle. This is why we offer the Startupper: a free package that provides your company with the operational overview you never had. This way, all of your assets and resources are in one place and – even better – easy to control. By adding your companies’ employees, freelancers and other stakeholders to the system, you are also able to assign everyone as owners of suppliers and to assign them to tasks. Easy does it.

The Startupper consist of 4 sections:

  1. ​​Leadership & Management – People@  
  2. Measures & controls – Asset Management       
  3. Risks & opportunities – Suppliers Overview
  4. Measures & controls – Access management

Don’t worry, be happy

“I had no idea that I was paying for so many tools that my company doesn’t use”. “Why do we have three email providers?” “Oh, that’s where that money went last month.” Just a selection of reactions that we have received from the users of our free operational plan. The Compleye’s Startupper gives you clarity, it saves time and it helps you to get your organization in order. Not completely unimportant if you’re running a business, is it?

Your company might not be ready to think of a compliance or cyber security plan yet, but that’s nothing to worry about. In case you want to be compliant in the future, or you want to go for the ISO27001 certification some time from now, you have officially taken the first step by using the Compleye’s Startupper. Embrace the overview that you never had!

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