Just a little about Compleye

Just a little about Compleye | Best Online Compliance Platform

When Compleye’ s CEO Karolin started to be busy with the topics security, privacy and quality, she was searching for likeminded people that would be able to break out of the fixed patterns and the set old ways of compliance. 

She didn’t necessarily search for developers – she sought people with an intrinsic interest and a lot of passion. And so she did.

The result? A compleye team consisting of a CEO, CPO, lean compliance designers, developers, compliance support/offers, the studio wizards, the sales-, marketing- and communication employees and a creative team consisting of a UX designer, a graphic designer and a content writer, that fully embody the saying “teamwork makes the dreamwork”. 

Compleye’s team is not just diverse in regard to the positions, but also looking at the nationality (Dutch, Spanish, Eastern countries etc.) of the team members.

 Also, while the male presence at Compleye is increasing, we work with a lot of women. This is something we are proud of, since women and technology still don’t go hand in hand in the eyes of many. Too bad, since they definitely prove to be a smashing combination. 

Our team’s real value proposition is not that we are security, privacy and quality experts, but the fact that we are capable of understanding what our clients’ challenges regarding these topics are. 

We don’t just know, we also know how to apply what we know. 

The whole bunch, from all corners, is coming together in Amsterdam on the 6th of May in 2022 We can’t wait! “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Luckily, we got all three. 

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