Keen on Lean: Compleye’s Lean Compliance Designers.

Let us take you on a journey. In the interesting - give it a chance - world of compliance, (amongst others) you will find compliance officers, compliance managers, compliance consultants and compliance designers. But what are the differences between those positions? And more importantly: why does Compleye choose to work with Lean Compliance Designers, in order to support your company and its security and privacy challenges?

Compliance Designers for the win

In the search for a winning team, Compleye ended up with a group of compliance designers instead of compliance officers. A coincidence? Absolutely not. While managers and officers tend to want to be in control, or at least radiate this attitude because of their title, the designers at Compleye are working on the look-out for their customers. They individually take full responsibility for the things they decide and do and their dynamic and creative brain is constantly ready to accommodate, adjust and re-design processes. This turns out to be highly relevant in the industry, since the only constant thing is change.

Business X-ray

The designers at Compleye work according to an X-ray, which perfectly illustrates every single component of your business. A huge advantage that this X-ray provides, is that you can always switch up and improve parts if this proves to be necessary. This way, the customers as well as the designers can easily move along with the ever-changing developments.

What makes Compleye’s Compliance Designers lean?

So, what’s up with this addition of “Lean” to the Compliance Designers of Compleye? Good question. A “Lean” process emphasizes getting the right things to the right place at the right time in the right quantity – still following? – to achieve a perfect and sustainable work flow while minimizing waste and being readily adaptable to change. That brings us back to the paragraph above. Compleye’s Lean Compliance Designers seek the smoothest flow in working, by cutting the process of compliance in small and significant pieces. Since they see problems one by one and can therefore resolve them one by one, they are able to adapt to any type of change.

The only constant is change

The Lean Compliance Designers of Compleye understand what (smart technology)
companies embody, need and face. By dividing up the organisation, in – literally – all its bits and pieces, Compleye is able to move along with all of their business choices and process changes. That’s why you don’t need managers telling you what to do, but designers that effortlessly go with your flow. See why we are so keen on lean?

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