Start-ups and compliance: why you should start after all

Hey, busy worker. We totally understand that, as a start-up founder or employee within a brand new company, you are dealing with a lot of stuff. You are (contributing to) building everything from the ground, which deserves a big round of applause. Though, being that busy can lead to losing sight of things that might be less obvious but not less important. Compliance, for example.

Product development, relationship management and growth. Those are all examples of things that start-ups are, rightly, focusing on from the start onwards. Unfortunately, in the midst of all the chaos, many start-ups overlook something critical: compliance.

Is compliance really that relevant for start-ups?

Getting started with your security and privacy challenges – it isn’t called a challenge for no reason – seems to be a huge burden for start-ups. We often hear that, especially smaller businesses, don’t have the time, the knowledge or the budget (and therefore not the motivation or stimulation) to actually start getting involved with it.

Don’t get us wrong. Compliance will cost you money and time, but it is also one of the keys to growing a successful business. And that’s what you want, right? Managing compliance at the first opportunity not only comes with a number of both short- and long-term benefits, but it also helps your company avert disasters down the road.

Why does starting early matter?

By starting off on the right foot and taking care of your compliance matters in the beginning, you will not only demonstrate your commitment to the privacy and safety of your valued customers, but you will also be able to show an important security-first mindset and reduce the risk of costly fines and reputational damage in the future.

Also, if you can’t show that you are busy with your security- and privacy challenges, you won’t be able to do business with a significant part of your market. You don’t want to miss out on big opportunities because you didn’t prioritise compliance.

Furthermore, being compliant reduces being at risk of data breaches. It’s not just early-stage companies that fall victim to data breaches, because of a failure to comply with information security standards and you don’t want a data breach to cost you a fortune or tarnish the image of your company.

Compleye Online

Did you read this article wholeheartedly, but don’t you have any idea where to start with becoming compliant? We understand. What if we told you that you – yes, also you – can start with your start-ups’ compliance matters all by yourself?

You’re reading it correctly: tackling compliance without compliance officers, masterminds and wizkids, just by using your rookie-based knowledge. With our all-in-one platform, Compleye Online, you lay the foundation for your business’ compliance without spending that much hours, energy or money. This way, you effortlessly DIY your start-up into the world of compliance. Want to know more? Hit us up!

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