The X-Ray is your Compliance Start!

“X-ray noun [eks-rei] - a type of radiation that can go through many solid substances, allowing hidden objects such as bones and organs in the body to be photographed”. Don’t worry, we are not going to examine the internal composition of your body. Though, we will do this to your business. Truth or dare?

How does Compleye’s X-ray work?

Like a CT scan uses X-rays to take a picture of everything under the skin, Compleye uses its X-ray to visualize every single component of an organisation in one image. Not a single stakeholder, product, platform, dataflow, responsibility or other type of involvement will be left out. All of these components create a clear overview of who is responsible for what task, as well as what each task involves and requires. This makes it easier to maintain structure, track responsibilities and minimize problems.

Making Compliance almost fun

Talking to Compleye’s CEO, Karolin, it becomes increasingly clear that making things easier for customers is an important USP. The X-ray that they use for every project and client that they work with, fully embodies this vision. Never been a fan of reading? No problem. The X-ray replaces the stack of papers that you would normally have to dive into while facing your compliance challenges. Compleye is the only company to implement this way of working so far.

The advantages of working Lean

Compleye’s X-ray consists of several “Lean” parts, meaning that the business and its process(es) are divided into smaller pieces. In case that the components might need to be switched or changed someday (e.g.: policies and security metrics which should be checked every year, these parts of the X-ray are mandatory so are implemented automatically), they can be changed swiftly. Also, when in a merger of two companies, or if two companies want to work alongside each other, the form of the X-ray can be readjusted easily.

Do you get why this X-ray makes Compleye work Lean? If all of a sudden you need to change something, it won’t be an issue due to dividing the process in smaller bits. When you click on the X-ray you will see multiple components, but chances are big that – in case of any type of change –  you will only need to adjust something within one (or a few) of these pieces. The rest will stay in its original state. Easy does it.

As Karolin says: “To get everyone on one page, you need to stop writing”. Let’s make your compliance challenges as straightforward and simple as possible. After all, life is busy enough as it is.

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