Beyond 27001

Once your ISO27001-core is being implemented, you will decide your next steps. Depending on the phase of your business and organization and the requirements of your customers, you will decide your next steps on the compliance roadmap. 


The Compliance Roadmap for our customers starts always with ISO27001 certification, this is a license to operate for all B2B Technology companies. The design of your Information security management system (ISMS) is your core with focus on data privacy protection. 


Next step on the Compliance Roadmap depends on the industry or the specific requirements of your customer. However, all of them are focused on the quality of your product and services. You will need to build a QMS on top of your ISMS.


Compleye supports ISMS and QMS framework of all industry standards, by making use of industry experts in combination with our Lean Compliance Designers. 

There are a few facts that you need to understand
if you make compliance decisions:

Requirements of a lot of frameworks are designed for corporates – not for SME’s; it is best to avoid adoption of new frameworks as long as possible as this will increase unnecessary documentation and slow down your operations; If you need to adopt a QMS, define a scope that fits your business – and document clearly what is out of scope.

Never let corporate compliance rule your SME business – show that you know what compliance is all about: a cyber-secure environment for the development of your business and quality service/product accordingly to your SLA. Depending on your industry, country of business, legislation, and the product and service you sell – you will define what framework you will adopt.

It will take a while before corporate compliance is ready for innovation. In the meantime we at Compleye:


Share knowledge and best practices between customers


Design smart and new tools to lower compliance costs


Create the first Real-Time Auditing Platform for SME’s

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