¨Compleye Assists Scale-Up, Moove, in Navigating the Journey to ISO 27701¨​

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Progressing from being a start-up to a scale-up was a watershed moment in the life of Moove Connect Mobility, a leading B2B telematics company with a specific focus on commercial fleets.  

Having started in 2017 with national hero clients such as Cool Blue, Hello Fresh, Jumbo and other last mile delivery companies that you might see cruising down your street in the Netherlands on any given day, Moove soon expanded their footprint into Europe. As a software company with a think-big mentality, expansion is limitless, especially with mainly virtual boundaries and very few physical parameters to transcend. Having seen that their national, local market strategy was working well, Moove quickly forged new paths. 

“Combining the right strategy and ambition with the right product and solutions is key to expansion,” says Willem Duif, CEO of Moove. With a client base that now included Fortune 500 companies, one of which requires Moove’s services in 80 countries, understanding and implementing compliance standards became a priority. The commercial incentive to implement safety and security protocols not only for their own purposes but in order to be a trusted advisor to their clients was another factor that drove Moove to find a trusted compliance partner that could simplify the steps and navigate them towards certification. 

Together with Karolin Kruiskamp and Angelika Churchman, a strategy was put in place and the process towards certification began. First and foremost, as a start-up becoming a scale-up, Moove needed to get a grip on ISO 27001 certification to ensure internal compliance and best practices. Next, driven by a market approach, and as a telematics company that has access to a lot of data and clients’ personal identifiable information they needed to implement ISO 27701.  

ISO 27001 and ISO 27701

Compleye facilitated the interpretation and implementation of ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 standards and norms directly into the business and ensured that established policies, procedures, processes, and other controls were made practical and efficient to meet the ISO 27001 and 27701 standards requirements. 

 “It was a smooth ride,” says Willem, “Compleye was always available, always knowledgeable and always had the answers. With the right people in place from both sides, the process was fairly easy.”  

As part of the process, Compleye provided the services firstly of a Compliance Officer and then of a Privacy Officer. Compleye Online was the platform used to support Moove in gathering, storing, and managing the required information and data to remain compliant with ISO 27001 and 27701 requirements. 

Compleye provided guidance and support during external  ISO 27701 and 27001 audits and supported Moove in addressing clients’ security and privacy queries. 

Less than a year

In record time of less than a year Moove, a trailblazer in compliance in the commercial fleet telematics industry, completed the journey towards ISO 27701 certification. Through learnings gained during the certification process, Moove has adopted new processes which are seeing them win with existing and new clients who now understand the lingo and processes and are happy to be advised in their own procedures. Using the very structured processes available on Compleye Online, Moove continues to implement privacy and security on an ongoing basis.  

With ISO27001 and ISO27701 firmly in place, Moove is looking forward to further expansion.  

“Having ISO27001 as well as ISO27701 helps us in our commercial efforts towards our bigger ambition of being a global player,” says Duif. 

But, the journey isn’t over for Compleye and Moove. Angelika Churchman has been appointed as Moove’s privacy officer, acting in discussions with clients and partners.   

“I’m happy to work with Compleye,” says Willem, “Let’s continue the journey.”