Compleye Helps Startup ProofMe With ISO 27001

Who is ProofMe

The Proofme Vault technology© guarantees your privacy and puts you in control of your data. Only share your personal data when you want it, with whom you want it, and for how long you want it, fully in line with European legislation and the GDPR. 

After a few troublesome compliance audits, the team at ProofMeID was wondering what to do. How could they pass the next audit and complete their ISO 27001 certification? Large enterprises will typically have an in-house compliance team, but small startups don’t have that luxury. That’s when ProofMeID contacted Compleye to help! 

When you have little or no knowledge of security and compliance, preparing for an audit can be difficult.

It’s hard to understand what an audit will actually be like until you go through one.  Compleye begins the process with information cards that can be filled out to get an idea of what the business needs. Compliance can be a complicated topic when you have no experience with it, which is why the team at Compleye was happy to help when there were questions. 

Before ISO 27001 certification, companies need to define their scope. This step in the process benefits companies in ways beyond the next audit. The Co-Founder, Andy Kalbvleesch mentioned that working with Compleye helped them think about the way they interact with customers every day. It’s important to always consider risk and compliance and how they can affect the business. This is not only something to think about with an audit coming your way but can be implemented every day. 

Once security and compliance risks were identified, it was time to get to work.

During the process, Compleye not only helped the company prepare for their audit but gave the insight to use every day when running a business that deals with sensitive data. The information was delivered in digestible chunks that those without prior knowledge could understand. 

Audits can be hard for a startup.

Auditors expect you to have a compliance team on staff, and many don’t have the budget for this. Things can slip through the cracks and you’ll be flagged for them if you don’t enlist professional help like Compleye. 

ProofMeID was happy with its experience.

Compleye prepared them for their audit and ISO 27001 with ease. The team also provided them with a wealth of information on compliance, security, and privacy. According to Andy, it would have been impossible to achieve ISO 27001 without the help of the team at Compleye. They are now in good shape for their next compliance audit. 

When dealing with compliance, you have to assess the risks you’re willing to take. There will always be potential risks in your company because you can’t build your business according to the standards. Working with Compleye changed the way ProofMeID does business, and we can do the same for you!