¨Compleye Provides the Human Touch to ISO 27001 Compliance¨

Who is The Recharge Company

The Recharge Company just does things differently. There’s plenty of knowledge and insight to go around. The challenge is putting it into practice. At The Recharge Company, our emphasis is on translating the knowledge into tangible action.

The Recharge Company came to Compleye after being in business for 12 years seeking ISO 27001 certification. Founder Hidde De Vries was kind enough to take the time to speak with us about their experience. Recharge is a training agency that was founded to help companies with efficiency in a world that gets busier by the day. 

Google and work-life balance

Hidde told us that he spent time working at Google to understand how they create efficiency and work-life balance. “I’m probably one of the only people who worked at Google to learn about their own business, as opposed to theirs,” Hidde mentioned.

Recharge focuses on helping companies with work-life balance, efficiency, making fewer mistakes, and not wasting time on tasks that don’t need to be done. They came to Compleye because they work in the spectrum of health and well-being which means Recharge deals with a lot of sensitive data.

The team at Recharge was already handling sensitive data well, but they wanted to take it to the next level. They were looking for physical certification and proof that the company was following compliance properly. ISO 27001 is the only internationally recognized certification out there, which is how Recharge ended up working with Compleye.

Compleye is always with you

One thing that Hidde noted about the process of working with Compleye was that the team was with Recharge every step of the way. The team member who had been working directly with Compleye left in the process of doing ISO 27001 word, and the team stepped in. Compleye never leaves a client hanging when they need assistance! 

Everyone at Compleye understands that the workplace can be unpredictable. That’s why our team will step in when needed to fill in the gaps to make sure ISO 27001 compliance is reached and that our clients aren’t left behind. 

Hidde mentioned they had attempted to work with other compliance companies, but there was something special about Compleye. He mentioned that other companies were too elaborate and geeky with their communication. They would be hard to understand and wouldn’t explain crucial elements. 

When we asked Hidde what the team at Recharge liked most about working with Compleye, he gave us a few answers. The first one was that they were happy with Compleye putting everything into one neat digestible package. 

Recharge is still working on getting their certification, but so far so good. Hidde expressed they have been happy with the entire process of working with Compleye for ISO 27001 certification. Hidde left us with a nice thought as he was pleased with Compleye’s services.

“Compleye gives a human touch to a tech solution that we couldn’t find anywhere else.”