¨Compleye Offers a Pragmatic Approach to ISO 27001 Certification ¨

Who is Sentinels

Sentinels is dedicated to creating and developing an out-of-the-box solution to transaction monitoring and fraud compliance for all businesses. Sentinels delivers the compliance software that companies need to not only reduce exposure to regulatory hardship but also map out financial crime networks so they can see the proceeds of crime attempting to touch their business before it even happens. 

Sentinels, a rapidly growing financial compliance platform startup was looking for help getting ISO 27001 certified. While they were originally in compliance through Slimmer AI, they were planning to split off as the company continued to grow. So, they came to Compleye. 

We had the chance to catch up with Sentinel’s CTO, Ibrahim En Nali. It was a pleasure to chat with someone who appreciates breaking away from the traditional ways of adhering to compliance standards. 

The team at Sentinels focuses on financial compliance regulations, with transaction monitoring services.

Through machine learning, they’re able to deduce which cases are likely to be fraudulent or involve money laundering. This type of business needs ISO 27001 compliance certification to function. 

When Sentinels began to grow, they planned to split off from Slimmer AI which meant they’d need to gain their own compliance certifications. They came to Compleye about a year and a half ago with the goal of becoming ISO 27001 certified. 

Choosing a compliance platform can be overwhelming.

There are a lot of choices out there, but Sentinels didn’t want to go with the traditional methods. After originally looking at the European standards, they decided to go with ISO 27001 as it’s the only globally recognized compliance certification. 

After speaking to several organizations that were too heavy and traditional, an advisor suggested that Sentinels speak with Compleye. Ibrahim told us that they knew right away that Compleye was the compliance platform they wanted to work with. 

“Compleye has an interesting concept with compliance as a service,” Ibrahim mentioned.

“You gain a lot of time and knowledge that you don’t get in-house using a service like Compleye.”

He went on to say they were pleased with how Compleye takes almost everything out of your hands while explaining it every step of the way. While larger compliance platforms focus on larger companies, Compleye knows how to work with start-ups like Sentinels that are in the process of scaling quickly. 

Sentinels decided to choose Compleye for a few reasons.

Ibrahim went on to tell us that along with the price, the concept spoke to them. Compleye provided a compliance platform while approaching things in a lean way to build only what’s needed to get started. This disrupts the approach of traditional compliance officers. When deciding on Compleye, Ibrahim said, “we want to be compliant, but we also want to be pragmatic which we also saw in Compleye.”

After completing their first audit after using Compleye in November of last year, Sentinels is feeling good about its decision. Audits are not a walk in the park, but they went into their audit meeting with confidence after working with Compleye. 

Sentinels walked out of their audit with zero non-conformities after working with Compleye which is extremely impressive. It was a huge relief for the team! 

When we asked Ibrahim what the highlight of working with Compleye was for Sentinels, he left us with a lovely quote. “I would say the pragmatism, flexibility, and expertise of Compleye. It got us where we wanted to get”

If you’re interested in Compleye’s compliance platform services, contact us today!