¨It’s been a fun journey with a very supportive team at Compleye¨

Who is Xetova

With a data utilisation solution in place, you can power transformation across your business, in how you sell, how you manage your production and supply chain, how you forecast and plan, and how you drive real impact.

Finding the perfect fit for your ISO certification can be an uphill battle. Trying various platforms, tools, consultants, old-school methods, and new-fangled methodologies – it’s a bit like trying to find the perfect pair of hiking boots!

One might be too restrictive, the next is too loose; then there’s the bulky one that slows you down, or the unreliable one that doesn’t quite get the job done and leaves you out in the cold. It was like this for Xetova, a data insights company that opened its doors in 2019. Xetova provides insight as a service, developing platforms that help clients to utilise their data. Integrating with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) and other financial applications, Xetova assists clients in mining the insights from the data that they already have. Handling copious amounts of data meant that Xetova needed to demonstrate its ability to do so safely and securely.  

“We wanted to be credible to our customers and show them that we could handle their information securely and protect their data,” says Marion Mugwe, who came to Xetova as a product manager shortly after the company opened its doors in 2019. 

Currently, as product discovery manager, Marion assists clients to customise their products, identifying challenges and helping in the design of platforms as well as creating formulas that would help these clients measure KPIs and future developmental platforms.

The need of ISO Certification    

When Xetova met Compleye in 2021, they had 3 applications up and running, so in terms of data handling and processing, they needed ISO certification.  

Having realised this, and after trying to use consultants to assist in the certification process and finding that they were not only expensive but somewhat unreliable, Xetova had set about finding a company that could help them get certified quickly, cost-effectively, and efficiently.   

Since being referred to Compleye in June 2021, Xetova hasn’t looked back.  

“We couldn’t ask for anything better than Compleye,” says Marion.  

When asked to name one thing that sets Compleye apart, Marion couldn’t choose. So, we let her have three! And the top three reasons to use Compleye from Xetova’s perspective are… the Wiki, the free templates that are provided for policies and procedures, and the progress bar. 

“I actually love this feature,” says Marion, “You have a list of questions that you answer and it shows you how you are progressing towards ISO certification. That helps you to know how much more you need to do and if you are making the right progress to certification. “ 

Occasionally, Xetova still whips out their Trello boards just to show clients where they’ve come from.  

“I’m very happy that we got to know Compleye,” says Marion, “It’s been a fun journey with a very supportive team. We have walked quite a long way since June, and still, the relationship is growing, and I love that.”