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Partnering with Compleye an ISO 27001 platform, that provides a valuable and comprehensive solution to customers seeking robust cybersecurity. This collaboration allows the company to extend its market reach, while VARs generate revenue and establish themselves as trusted experts, streamlining the ISO 27001 certification process for clients.

All-in-One DIY Compliance Platform to help startups towards their ISO 27001 certification and stronger performance on privacy and security.

Compleye is the ISO 27001 platform
that grows with your clients

Our platform offers channel partners unparalleled benefits, including comprehensive compliance training, dedicated 1:1 account manager support, and access to our ISO 27001 Wiki. With special pricing for client onboarding, partners can confidently provide the best-in-class cybersecurity solution, positioning themselves as trusted experts in the market.

Compliance Training

We offer compliance training to new channel partners, ensuring they understand both the Compleye platform and fundamental compliance concepts. This empowers partners to confidently assist clients and achieve success.

Account Manager

Our new channel partners benefit from 1:1 contact with a dedicated account manager, ensuring personalized support, guidance, and assistance throughout the partnership, fostering success and growth.


Channel partners, like all Compleye users, enjoy online access to our ISO 27001 Wiki, an invaluable resource explaining the how, what, and why of the certification process, empowering them with essential knowledge.

Special Offers

Channel partners receive special pricing, enabling them to cost-effectively onboard their clients onto our platform, facilitating smooth client integration and fostering mutually beneficial business relationships.

Meet your Channel Partner Contact

Stephanie Steggehuis

Stephanie, Chief of Growth at Compleye, leads a skilled team dedicated to providing comprehensive support for channel partners. Their commitment ensures partners receive essential resources, guidance, and assistance to excel in the cybersecurity market and foster successful, long-lasting partnerships.

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