Direct links to check out pages

This page is internal use only! Steps to get the correct checkout link:

  • Go to your Package
  • Copy the link you see
  • Paste that link to share with the client


For a seamless user experience, it’s recommended to embed the link within your email text. Here’s how you can achieve that:

  • Compose your email.
  • Highlight the phrase “Purchase your package here.”
  • Use the hyperlinking tool (represented by a chain link icon) to insert your desired link.

This way, recipients can easily click on the text to access the package without them watching the long link

Lite Version

€259 per month[item_price_id][0]=DIY-Plan-EUR-Monthly&utm_source=cb-app-copy

Compliance Guide

€999 per month[item_price_id][0]=Compliance-Guide-EUR-Monthly&utm_source=cb-app-copy


€1299 per month[item_price_id][0]=Accelerator-EUR-Monthly&utm_source=cb-app-copy