It is never too soon to start-up your Compliance

Compleye Online is an easy to use DIY Compliance platform to guide your start-up through all the steps to getting ISO27001 certified. Check all the boxes and keep your evidence with audit trail in place.  Receive templates of mandatory documentation and make use of our special features for efficient compliance processes. Compliance was never so simple!

Balancing ambitious goals while keeping stakeholders aligned.
We designed Compleye Online to help you have one less
thing to worry about- your compliance plan!

Why do I need it compliance sessions

Your DIY Roadmap

Implementing an ISO27001 can take some time; there is a lot to implement. By starting-up soon your compliance activities, you will avoid compliance-debt in future. We created a DIY Roadmap in 4 steps.

Step 1

Setup Operations & Define your Compliance Scope

Step 2

Assess your current Compliance State

Step 3

Define your Controls and Improvement

Step 4

Get Ready for Certification

Every step will unfold a new number of topics that you can work on. If needed, you can apply for a session with one of our lean compliance designers to get some help or guidance. 



Activity Log

The biggest Compliance challenge for Start-ups is; Acting like a large scale company, with limited resources.

We know how Start-ups work, we know the day-to-day challenges you face. At the same time you will need to have a compliance plan, supporting your business plans and communicate to your stakeholders (customers, investors, partners). Compleye Online is designed for Start-ups, it will provide you with a compliance plan. 

First few steps in Compleye Online, will give you the operational control you need. Followed by a  X-Ray (free) Session to scope and determine your compliance plan. After the X-ray session you will ready for the next steps – addressing more mandatory topics of ISO27001.  

If needed, you can always can speed up the process, requesting more sessions 

POC is the sound of hitting the ground when it fails

After years of dreaming and hustling and months of building your first product, you can finally proof the impact of your product in a Proof Of Concept – POC. 

If you POC succeed you are ready to do business and sign that first – important – contract. However before signing, you will need to answer some questions from the procurement department about compliance. If you are not able to come up with the right answers,  POC will be the sound you hear, when you fail.  

That is why it is never too soon to start-up your compliance. It is much easier and less expensive.  Start already collecting the data you need for your risk assessments and define your scope based on your POC, so you will have the answers at the table when needed. 

Compleye Online will get you started and if you want to speed up the process you can easily add a few sessions with one of Lean Compliance Designers, that will take away any fear that you still might have and show you that compliance is doable.

 With our 7-day free access you can see for yourself how simple it is to setup your Compliance and getting ready for Certification. 

"It's a very straightforward and user friendly platform"