We’ve always said that making compliance
(almost) fun is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Well, now we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

Take a look at how we’re solving compliance challenges for SMEs in just 3 steps.


Set up your ISMS Team​

Our Lite Version provides the Compleye Online Platform supported by our Wiki with a DIY Roadmap for ISO 27001.  The roadmap tells you why, how and what you’ll need to do to be prepared for external audit. These are your compliance tools.  

It’s important that you assign the necessary resources (time and people) to this project in order to be successful. Because you’ll need to build an Information Security Management System (ISMS), everyone involved will form the ISMS team. At least 1 C-level person will need to be part of the ISMS Team to prove commitment and prioritise the project when needed. ​
Roles to assign from the start:  Management (C-Level) | Compliance Officer (CO) – can be CEO/COO, product owner or project manager |Security Officer (SO) – can be tech lead / CTO and | Internal Auditor (IA) – independent of ISMS Team.

The compliance officer must organise regular security meetings, read and follow the DIY Roadmap, instruct the ISMS team, divide tasks amongst the ISMS team and keep control of progress. ISMS team members will be assigned to various jobs (e.g. assessments, improvements, controls, defining policies/procedures). ​

Formal job descriptions for CO and SO can be found in the Templates section of Compleye Online.​

Depending on your ambition and date of external audit you will need to dedicate time per ISMS Team member. Once you have reached step 5 of the DIY-roadmap, you will need to perform an internal audit; this is an independent task. You can assign someone in your team, or you can outsource this job. The internal auditor will check whether all ISO 27001 requirements have been implemented. 


Compliance Platform

When you get out Lite Version Package you get access to: 

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    STEP 3

    Extra support or guidance

    We’d never leave you wandering down the DIY roadmap path alone. You can choose from a variety of packages that will support you on your journey.  

    5Days Intensive (An ISMS in just 5 days) 

    Accelerate (be ready for audit in just 3 months) 

    Compliance Guide (A comprehensive 6-month program) 

    Internal audits​ (your formal final check before external audit & certification)  

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