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6-month program: get ready for ISO 27001 real quick

Prepare for ISO 27001 certification quickly and effectively! With a 100% success rate among clients, you can trust us to guide you through the process. We’ll help you design a tailored ISMS that addresses the risks and requirements of your organisation, and we’ll guide you to implement the ISMS and its controls, ensuring that your organisation meets the requirements of the standard ISO 27001.

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ISO 27001 6-month program

Get ready in no time!
€1749 per month (6 months in total)
  • 12 days of ISO 27001 consultation during 6 months
  • Internal Audit, preparing you to pass the external audit
  • 100% historical success rate

Consulting session

Let our Compliance Wizards guide you
€800 per day
  • Tailored consultation
  • Comprehensive support and action plan
  • Efficient, no-nonsense sessions – every minute counts!
  • 100% historical success rate

Consulting sessions

We specialize in guiding companies through the intricate landscape of compliance. With our extensive experience spanning many years and a track record of outstanding results, why not take the plunge and enhance the security and privacy of your customers starting today?

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A deep understanding of the need for compliance in each stage of your company

Lean, transparent and no-nonsense way of working.
The unheard-of ability to make compliance fun.

20+ years of combined experience in compliance.

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Trusted by hundreds of leading tech companies.

100% certification success rate among internally audited clients.

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