We make compliance
almost fun!

Karolin Kruiskamp


More than 20 years of experience in organizational and operational development, while working in the heart of (Tech Start-Up) Communities – she knows how align IT and Development with Business opportunities. Compliance is more than following rules and regulations; it has to be aligned with internal and external circumstances that will change the business all the time. The teacher in her will always first listen and then design a solution that will profit all parties. 

Meet the Compliance-as-a-Service Team

Paula Perkusic

Lean Compliance Designer

Over 10 years of experience in the operations of the Corporate world gave her a very good eye for detail and accuracy; important values for a Lean Compliance Designer. She listens to clients’ needs and translate them into comfortable security solutions that fit and support clients’ operational cell. That is why she is in charge of translating Frameworks and Clients requirements for our Compleye Online environment. 

Cristina Cumpanasoiu

Lean Compliance Designer

With 7 Languages, knowledge of SW development, GDPR, blockchain technology, machine learning, QMS, anti-corruption investigator and ISO27001 ‘in her pocket’– she is the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of Compleye. She always find solutions that are solid, because she performs her research thorough. Even the boring documentation part of compliance she can make easy and light – holding only the necessary parts, she is the queen of translation. 

Angelika Churchman

Lean Compliance Designer

With more than 15 year experience in corporate compliance, she knows the need to innovating this business. Specialized in the international banking and payment industry she understands the impact of GDPR. In May 2021 she will start by translating the ISO27701 into a new Lean Approach and proof that 100% online compliance officer can work for all Compleye customers, as she will be operating from Cyprus. 

Ferry Haris​

Compliance and Cybersecurity

For special projects we make use of external expertise, Ferry is one of or our experts. Specialized in corporate compliance frameworks, he shares his expertise in risk management, security controls, and cybersecurity in general with us and our clients so we can make the right translations between Corporate and Lean Compliance.

Meet the Product Team

Olga Shcherb


With the combination of Mathematics and Computer Science, we have ourselves a great CTO that can solve almost everything. Previous working experience in FinTech with high standards for compliance made it easy for her to blend on our Compleye team. Making Compleye Online the best DIY tool for Start-ups is her goal while working for the first time in an entrepreneurial Start-up environment

Stephanie Steggehuis

Product Owner & Marketing Communication

With more than 10 years of experience in online marketing and over 3 years in e-trainings and memberships, she knows the need to innovating business and their clients to bring them together online and create a robust user experience. With her worldwide experience and connections, she is on top of the innovations in the online world for Marketing and Products. She will be operating online for Compleye from Madrid, Spain.

Product Development​

Referred to us via Venturerock – we have designed and build the Compleye Online Platform with Rebeldot. With certification for ISO27001 and ISO9001 – we did our compliance homework – they build our user-friendly platform and support us since December 2020. They have proofed to be Rebels with good manners, rebels that we can trust.

The Compleye Journey

It all started in 2017 with our first compliance assignment; a Start-up of 3 people, with an innovative solution for Healthcare industry. They target a Top3 Pharma Company – everyone wanted to use the Data App and Compliance was blocking progress. We combined the Lean Startup approach (Eric Ries) with our own experience of organizational development of Tech Start-ups, to design a new approach on compliance. 

The Compleye approach is not focussed on the existing problem (regulations) but on the opportunities – the value proposition of our customer and the existing security culture. The first time – without any experience – it took us  6 months to design and implement an ISO27001 Framework, which was rewarded with an ISO certificate and a Master Service Agreement with the corporate customers. In 2018 followed by a second and third customer to validate the approach and the implementation time shrunk from 6 to 3 months. In 2019 we decided to build a company – as more customers valued the Compleye approach, validated and improve our models and tooling. In 2020 we designed our first 5Days Intensive program and proved that it is possible to setup a ISO27001 Framework in only 5 days. External auditors valued our approach and our Kanban style ISO27001 Framework.

Now in 2021, we are building our own Compleye Online environment that will support our clients activities and makes the compliance challenge more efficient, less time consuming and even more compliant with corporate standards. Our aim is to meet all international corporate standards to support SME’s with a digital product in their ambition to work with corporates.