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GDPR Compliant

GDPR, enacted by the EU in 2018, requires businesses to protect EU citizens’ data.
Even if based outside the EU, processing local personal data demands compliance.
Non-adherence can lead to fines and harm trust.

Need GDPR expertise? We’re here to assist!

Compleye GDPR Proposition

Value we deliver

Our GDPR package delivers practical knowledge for comprehensive data protection, an actionable improvement plan for compliance, and a robust GDPR statement tailored for stakeholders, ensuring transparency and trust.

Problems we solve

With our GDPR package, we address your challenges head-on: guiding those unsure of where to begin, imparting essential knowledge for compliance, and providing the necessary resources to ensure a seamless data protection journey.

How we do it

We streamline your GDPR compliance journey through a structured roadmap, offer a dedicated platform for evidence management, and co-create strategies with the assistance of a seasoned Privacy Expert, ensuring a holistic and tailored approach.

With our GDPR Roadmap you...

Step 1

Read, Learn and Check

What you need to know about GDPR Check your people, legal base and baseline assessment

Step 3

Setup your Controls

Adopt a set of privacy controls and define frequencies and owners Adopt policies & procedures and setup registers

Step 2

Deep dive GDPR

Deep dive in GDPR elements Define you Improvements

Step 4

GDPR Statement (after 2-3 weeks)

Review of GDPR document and activities an get your GDPR Statement for external communication

What do you get?

13 Templates

ISO 27001

9 Sections

Compliance Support

Support performed by Compliance and Privacy Expert

• X-Ray Session to design your scope and data flows.
• Privacy expert to support you with the GDPR Roadmap and templates.

GDPR Statement signed by Compleye.

• 1 day – Review and GDPR Statement

Why us?

Compleye automates your compliance processes and teaches you the why, how, and what so you understand what you’re doing.

A deep understanding of the need for compliance in each stage of your company

Lean, transparent and no-nonsense way of working.
The unheard-of ability to make compliance fun.

20+ years of combined experience in compliance.

Fun Facts

about Compleye

85% are women
Growing fast
100% remote company
10+ different nationalities on the team
Almost all team members have dogs

So, how much?

Start saving time, money and headaches today

GDPR Package

12 month contract
  • Max 3 users
  • 1 framework
  • Access to GDPR areas of Compleye Online Platform
  • Compleye GDPR Statement
  • 13 Audit Proof Policy Templates
  • 1 X-Ray Session
  • Basic ISMS setup
  • Compliance Wiki
  • Audit View: GDPR only


  • 5-user pack: €99/month
  • Consulting: €800/day

Trusted by hundreds of leading tech companies.

100% certification success rate among internally audited clients.

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