Integrations @ Compleye Online

We are excited to share with you that we're extending our horizons!

Our dedicated team is hard at work developing new and powerful integrations that are designed to make our services more versatile, enriching, and user-friendly.

These updates are targeted for release September 2023.

Integrations in development:

It’s worth noting that while achieving ISO 27001 certification can be accomplished without integrating additional tools, we understand the potential need for extra provisions when it comes to SOC 2 compliance. That’s why we’re putting in the extra effort to make sure that our platform not only meets your needs but also exceeds your expectations.

Here’s the best part! If you join our platform before the release of these integrations, we guarantee that you will remain on the same pricing plan for the first year. That’s right! No increase in pricing, but you’ll be enjoying the added benefits of the integrations. So, come Summer 2023, we look forward to unveiling our first round of integrations, designed with your needs in mind.

It’s a win-win situation!

Stay tuned!