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Level up your startup’s security game with the most affordable all-in-one ISMS tool in the market – ISO 27001, ISO 9001, SOC-2 certifications made super simple!

The ISMS software that is designed to save you time, money, and headaches

Is your startup drowning in paperwork? Are you struggling with compliance, limited resources, and a lack of expertise? Do you need a ISMS tool that can seamlessly integrate with your existing tools and help you get certified quickly?

Well, it’s your lucky day because you’ve found us!


Thomas Bennett

CEO at TrutuApp

We tried 4 different ISMS softwares before finding Compleye, and they were all at least 5x more expensive. Not only did Compleye save me a ton of cash, but their customer service was top-notch and the platform was a breeze to use. I can now happily say my startup is ISO 27001 certified, thanks Compleye!

The ISMS tool that knows you

Compliance isn’t your hobby​

What it can be though, is satisfying to get your house in order. And that means security, privacy, and safety for founders, customers, and your business. 

Few focus on startups like yours​

We’ve been working with startups since before you were born. We know what makes you tick and we get what it takes to be successful. That’s also why we offer a DIY package. So you can do-it-yourself.

 ‘Aint nobody got time for that’

You do what you do, and we do what we do. We organise, we automate, we do the crazy admin stuff. And we accelerate your team using serviced programmes, so you can go even faster.

Provide the external auditor of your choice access to Compleye Online and – because weve set it all up in line with the ISO 27001 requirements – they’ll find it as easy as taking candy from a baby (not that we’d ever do that).

By answering a couple of questions you’ll know exactly how ready you are for external audit and you’ll be able to see a snapshot of whats missing. It’s as easy as that.  

We have a comprehensive set of 35+ audit-approved policy templates that can help streamline the process for you.

We believe in 80% tech and 20% human. That’s why, at Compleye, we always add the human touch.  

Some of our best features

Yep, we know a feature list of a ISMS software can be boring… but hey, you can STOP reading and have a virtual coffee with us instead.

+70 startups got certified by trusting us


 “Compleye was always available, always knowledgeable and always had the answers. With the right people in place from both sides, the process was fairly easy.”  

Moove Connect Mobility


"You gain a lot of time and knowledge that you don’t get in-house using a service like Compleye".



“It’s hard to understand what an audit will actually be like until you go through one.  Compleye begins the process with information cards that can be filled out to get an idea of what the business needs.“



"You have a list of questions that you answer and it shows you how you are progressing towards ISO certification. That helps you to know how much more you need to do and if you are making the right progress to certification.  I love this feature".


Bestselling ISMS solutions


Are you looking for a cost-effective ISMS tool to prepare for certification? Look no further! Our platform offers a comprehensive certification preparation program for just €250 per month.

Compliance Guide: our 6 months program

Six-month roadmap to help you establish the necessary policies, procedures, and controls to protect your information assets, and provide an internal audit.

Accelerator Package: our 3 months program

If you’re looking to improve your organisation’s information security management in 3 months, starting an ISO 27001 roadmap with Compleye can be a game-changer!

There's No Denying, Start Complying!

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