Stressless towards your next external audit, while maturing your security culture.

Stressless maintenance

We provide your yearly ISMS operational planning with all mandatory ISO27001 activities. Regular security checks on planning, improvements and changes in IT or Business Processes. Continue with the Lean compliance way of working.

Maturing security culture

Following the growth and scaling of your business, we support you with the right compliance strategy. Becoming a professional security partner in compliance conversations with your corporate customers. 

Lower Compliance Costs

While your team is growing, we will train you at your own tempo to fully take over the 1st line and 2nd line compliance, reducing your compliance costs. If needed we can always jump in and take over be your Compliance Advocate during external audit an complex compliance processes with your customer.

Our 3 Maintance Programs

We advise all our clients to start with this package after certification, to continue at least a few months with the same support as during Prep for Cert. Once your 1st Line compliance Team is performing their jobs on time and without support, we move to package Blue.  
During this program we focus on 2nd Line compliance and can train your own compliance officer on how to organize and support your 1st Line ISMS Team and take over the Compleye Job.  
During this program we only perform the 3rd Line (online) Compliance – internal audit program and prepare and lead the yearly external audit. 
The Compleye Approach is offloading tasks and setting up a modern environment based on existing and popular IT tools.

Jeff Heyse - Mobink

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