You are losing big contract deals without a good information security and privacy system!

You might think you have them in place, however 98% of all non-certified SME’s fail in what they promissed in their Privacy and Security Policies. Did you perform a GDPR Assessment?  Are you aware of all your  cybersecurity risks?

Can you check off all these boxes?

You didn´t score a 100% did you?

That is time to Start-up your Compliance and Prepare your self for global business because you ......

...need to understand Compliance before negotiate your first big contract!

Compliance means following a rule, policy or law. Corporate compliance means that you will need to follow the rules your corporate customer will set in contract.  So before you can negotiate your pricing and services, you will first need to go through a compliance assessment. Business will only start if you are able to answer seucrity and privacy questions. By Starting-up your compliance early, your time-to-market will speed up.

Prove you do what you are saying and keep doing it

Being compliant means that you are able to show evidence of activities supporting the security and privacy of your customer data.

You need to have a compliance plan

Feel confident talking about your security and privacy management system and how that system will follow the business needs of your customers.

Prepare your business for Data Breaches

We can not 100% avoid all risks, however we can be prepared and prevent incidents, disasters and data breaches.

Build trust with ISO27001 certification

The best core of every security system is the internationally accepted standard of ISO27001. It is your license to operate.

Compleye Online is a tool that supports start-ups and takes them step by step towards becoming a corporate business partner.

Our platform is Lean, like your business. In just a few steps you will gain new insights on your product and business. It will support you in professionalizing your internal organization and you can always reach out to one of our online compliance oficers for extra support and help. If needed we can accompany you in meetings with stakeholders.

Why trust Compleye?

It all started in 2017 with our first compliance assignment; a small Start-up, with global ambition, targeted a big Corporate Company as launching customer.

Compliance was blocking the business process and we had to design a roadmap how to address the request for compliance framework and the hoelahoelaloeps of corporate compliance processes. We succeeded in getting that small Start-up a Corporate Contract and an ISO27001 Certification in only 6 months. The following years,  we have accelerated that process and succesfully validated that this approach can work across multiple industries. 

In December 2019 was incorporated with the ambition to innovate compliance – by implementing our Lean Compliance Approach, with the focus on Smart Technology Companies. This will be our way to support innovation and create global impact. 

Now in 2021, we have build Compleye Online, a tool that supports Start-ups in their Compliance Challenge already in early stage and provide them with  a Compliance Plan,  insights on security and privacy issues and focus on their own Value Proposition.  

There is always a possibility to reach out to one of our lean compliance designers for consultation, training and specific compliance activities. 

Compleye Online is easy and helps you on the road to your compliance goal, it is simple to use and feeds you with Compliance knowledge. Let Compliance enable your business opportunities.

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