Compleye, your Compliance friend!

We understand your compliance challenges. That’s why we provide an online tool that is lean & agile, with the aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of compliance. This way, we contribute to building trust between you and your stakeholders.

Meet Compleye, a company founded in 2018 by Karolin, a seasoned professional with 25 years of experience in organizational design and 15 years in the Tech Start-up industry. Compleye emerged from her successful attempt in 2017 to help a young start-up navigate the complex world of compliance, securing its first global contract. Karolin quickly realized that this challenge would become a top priority for all tech start-ups, and thus Compleye was born.

The company’s unique lean approach is embodied in its Compleye Online platform, which is complemented by an educational component, the Compleye Wiki. This combination empowers businesses to take a Do-It-Yourself approach to compliance, with the support of a compliance guide when needed.

Compleye initially gained traction in the highly-regulated Pharma industry before validating its approach across a variety of sectors, including Health Tech, FinTech, e-Commerce, and Smart-City industries. Its clientele shares a commonality: they are B2B SMEs offering technical products or services.

Fast forward to 2023, Compleye continues to grow and scale alongside its clients, team, products, and services, carving out a unique niche in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Lean Compliance

At Compleye we practice a Lean Compliance Approach, and our Compleye Platform supports that way of working. Lean Compliance (LC) for us is a natural way of working – you will need to let go of the ‘corporate compliance approach’, the old-school way of working. In LC you will put your business and product in the core and build compliance elements around it, instead of letting compliance rule your organisation. Read more here!

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Our Compleye Team is devoted to making compliance simple and fun! We do this with an international team of professionals! Meet our team here and feel free to connect with them on Linkedin!