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ISO 27001 is the international standard for establishing an ISMS, providing an excellent foundation to commence your compliance journey. It seamlessly connects your business strategy, legal requirements, data regulations, and daily operations to cybersecurity and threat intelligence.
Consequently, numerous partnership opportunities are feasible, ranging from legal firms, IT service companies, to compliance professionals.

Compleye Online has the capability to accommodate multiple frameworks concerning platform security (e.g., SOC-2, NIS-2), privacy (ISO 27701, GDPR), and quality (ISO 9001, ISO 13485)

Compleye Online keeps your customer in control
of compliance

With global cybercrime losses surpassing €530 billion and an estimated 125 billion devices projected to connect to the internet by 2030, implementing an information security management system (ISMS) becomes crucial for every business.

Expertise across all ISMS aspects is often distributed among internal and external experts within organisations. To maintain control over your ISMS, these stakeholders must collaborate, share knowledge, and jointly report to management. Compleye Online serves as a compliance collaboration tool, facilitating these essential processes.

We have identified partner profiles that can significantly benefit from utilising Compleye.

Legal Partners

Besides requirements from customers or investors, compliance is often driven by rules and regulations such as GDPR or NIS-2. Many organisations establish an external legal partnership for advice.

Value for partnership: Merely possessing documentation does not safeguard your data and intellectual property (IP). We can bridge the gap between the paperwork and implementation activities, providing evidence of compliance.

IT Service  Partners

"Numerous organisations are relying on IT service providers to outsource specific cybersecurity needs. Becoming ISO27001 certified can become your new service offering.

Value for partnership: Maintain the trusted point of contact while expanding services if necessary to fulfill compliance needs. Retain control over all activities and the quality of services.

Consulting Partners

Since the enforcement of GDPR in 2018, numerous organisations have begun collaborating with consulting firms to implement industry standards. The challenge lies in working more efficiently with an expanding portfolio of customers.

Value for partnership: Streamline your consultants' time and resources while adding greater value to your customers.

Our Partners

Mutual Success Stories: Partnering with Cybersecura

CyberSecura, based in Grenoble, specializes in helping businesses with cybersecurity and GDPR compliance. Our partnership with CyberSecura is a key element in supporting companies to achieve and maintain compliance with GDPR and other security frameworks. This collaboration combines the strengths of the Compleye compliance platform with CyberSecura’s technical and operational expertise. Together, we provide a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking robust cybersecurity measures and compliance with evolving regulations. 

You can visit their website by clicking here

"I'm more than happy to partner with Compleye! I'm convinced that such an alliance will benefit our respective customers, as well as the market more generally. The current European context emphasizes the increasing necessity to comply with different types of regulations and certifications, even for businesses that used to be fairly exempt. Combining our respective areas of expertise will undoubtedly make it easier for many companies to understand, manage, and maintain their compliance with GDPR and several security frameworks such as ISO27001, NIS2, etc."
David Rozier, CyberSecura co-founder

Meet your Compleye Partner Contact

Heikki Erola

Heikki, Co-Founder and Commercial Director at Compleye, leads a skilled team dedicated to providing comprehensive support for channel partners. Their commitment ensures partners receive essential resources, guidance, and assistance to excel in the cybersecurity market and foster successful, long-lasting partnerships.

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