Implement all the 5DI Gaps and prepare your ISMS team for ISO27001 Certification.

Professionalize your ISMS Team

Learn how to apply the ISO27001 norms in your agile working environment. Understand your role and responsibilities and how to implement the ISMS in your operational environment. How to involve and instruct your entire team and be control of security incidents. 

Implementation of your security culture

Compleye support your with Monthly Security Checks and organizes suppliers and IT Assessments and changes in your business and product roadmap. Plan your (online) internal audit program and report to C-level on general progress of your ISMS Process.

Get ready for (external)

In 4-6 months we get you ready for an external audit, assuring that evidence is in place, train your ISMS team on the do’s and don’ts during audits. We willorganize and lead on your behalf audit – as your Compliance advocate.

Why us?

We know the challenges of Small Business and blend in with your team. During the 5DI we have learned how you work and co-created an ISMS Team in online sessions. After the 5DI, we continue working together with you in security meetings. And while your daily focus is on Business with your Customer Support and DevOps teams, we organize monthly security meetings to keep track of your improvements, security controls and changes in your business.

In the PrepForCert Program we find ways how to keep your daily operational jobs and mandatory ISO27001 jobs in balance. By sharing best practice of other customers and sharing our experience of external audits, and explain what can be expected by ISO27001 auditors. In this way we make decision making more easy for you.

We take you all the way… and be present during your first external audit. Organize and connect with the external auditor, guide and defend you during the 3-4 days. Because, it is our experience that how well prepared you can be, you never know how the auditor woke up that morning. Having an experienced partner at your side will help. We can’t do miracles, however we can be your compliance advocate and prepare the best defence plan there is.
It was a very efficient and helped me to understand what really matters to achieve ISMS goals from technical point of view. Apart from that, knowing what needs to be done and getting organised tasks for next couple of months will have a great impact to our sprint planning


Already an ISMS in place and in need of support on your certification process?