Is your Compliance Roadmap ready to be presented?

With our online platform we support technology driven Saas Companies in all stages with their compliance challenges. Spend less time managing your compliance with our all-in-one compliance platform. Start-up your Compliance with ISO 27001!

Operational Control

What would you say if your first serious customer asks you about compliance? At Compleye, we always start with the four resource elements to be in control of: people, suppliers, assets and access to applications. It’s free of charge and your first step into Compliance. 

Learning by

No, you will not need to know everything. Yes, you can find out yourself – by making use of the Compleye Wiki and our DIY Roadmap. In 4 Steps, you wil be able to prepare yourself to get ready for certification. Do you need extra help? Get help from your personal Guide. 

All-In-One Platform

Our platform has a holistic approach, integrating security, privacy and quality in one place. Additional framework activities can easily be adopted on the platform (e.g. ISO27701, SOC-2, ISAE).

Compleye | all-in-one compliance platform

Stop Compliance blocking your business!

We know the challenges of Start-ups and Scale-ups in real-life, since we have been there ourselves. Starting and scaling your business is all about building trust between you and your customers, suppliers and partners.

With Compleye Online, you will understand what Compliance is all about and you will be able to be in control of your risks, define your improvements and have your security, privacy and quality controls in place.

So the next time you will get a question about compliance in a boardroom call, you can give clear answers and you know what you can promise while closing deals with customers. Compliance will become your business driver, instead of your business blocker.

Compleye, Making Compliance Almost Fun!

Monitoring & Measuring | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Monitor & Measure​

Policies Templates | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Policies Templates

Compliance Roadmap | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Compliance Roadmap

DIY Instructions | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Wiki & DIY Roadmap​

Visual Value Proposition | Compliance Platform | Compleye

X-Ray - IT Infrastructure​

Applicability Statement | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Operational Control​

Shifting the balance between people to tooling

80/20. That is the balance of compliance efforts; 80% people running from meetings to meetings to understand and align and to write documents, checklists and other paperwork and only 20% making use of digital tooling. Compleye is shifting that balance of resources. We are the first 80% platform, connecting tooling, automation, producing metrics and data, that can be interpreted by 20% human expertise. That means decreasing budgets and increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Bring back the fun into compliance!

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