Making Compliance almost fun

Compleye Compliance Sessions is the human factor of our platform. Our Lean Compliance Designers support your Compliance Challenges and make it almost fun!

Compliance Sessions
Why do I need it compliance sessions

Why do I need it?

Sharing best practices combined with our knowledge and experience , we are the support you are looking for.

Challenges  you might recognize: 

  • How to startup your compliance?
  • Do I need an ISO27001 certificate or is being GDPR compliant enough for me?;
  • What should I communicate to my customers and investors about compliance?
  • How many team members should be involved ?
What are compliance sessions

What are sessions?

Plan  Compliance Sessions with one of our Lean Compliance Designers to get you started. 

Some (ISO27001) Session Topics: 
Data Classification,  Information Security Management, Access Management, Policies & Procedures, Roles & Jobs or how to Prepare for External Audit. 

Or use Compliance Session for review of assessments,  policies or procedures already in place. 

Session will be logged in Compleye Online – with to-do´s defined for your next steps. 

Compliance sessions pricing

KickStart Package

We offer Sessions in combination with the use of Compleye Online to ensure the gained knowledge is documented and compliance evidence is stored. 

  • A Lean Compliance Designer will be assigned
  • Organizing 2 Sessions per month (90 min per sessions)
  • Access to  Compleye Online
  • Online helpdesk in between sessions.
  • Minimum of 3 months (monthly subscription)
€500 excl. per month
*minimum of 3 months

Lean Compliance Designers

The Wizards of Compleye are our Lean Compliance Designers.

Designers , because you need professionals that are creative enough to support your agile  Business- and Product Development.  Lean, because we listen, analyse and define small steps to take on your Compliance Roadmap. We believe that Compliance is the new operational excellence and should not be boring. During Sessions we do our best to Making Compliance almost Fun

Lean compliance designers
“It's a safe and in-control way of setting up ISMS and I am impressed with the planning already after the first day."


Ready to Start-up your Compliance?