Let´s make Compliance more fun, plan a session with our Lean Compliance Officers

Compliance sessions with an experienced compliance officer will help you overcome your compliance obstacles, especially if you need:
☑️ an extra pair of eyes or an extra brain to solve an ISO 27001 challenge;
☑️ support defining compliance improvements or controls;
☑️ assistance in understanding your customers’/stakeholders’ compliance questions;
☑️ help with the security meeting agenda and defining the calls-to-action;
☑️ explanations on how to perform an assessment (e.g., ISRA, Supplier, or GDPR)
☑️ help setting up your initial security awareness training;
☑️ ………and sooo much more around compliance!

And with our Pick, Pay, and Plan option, you choose a Compliance Officer, date and time that suits you! What more could you want? X-ray vision? Guess what. We can help with that too. But that’s another discussion.

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