Startup Program for Compliance

The Compleye Startup Program is designed to empower early-stage startups by providing them with the necessary compliance tooling and knowledge to comply with corporate standards, e.g. ISO27001, GDPR and SOC-2. The Startup Program offers significant discounts on tooling and reasonable pricing on professional services.

Eligibility Criteria:

Funding: Your startup must have received less than €1 million in total funding.

Company Age: Your startup must have been founded less than three years ago.

Product Readiness: You should have a minimum viable product (MVP)  

Team Size:  Preference for small teams, typically fewer than 10 employees.  

Industry:  Open to startups across all industries, with a preference for innovative and technology-driven businesses.  
Geographical Location: Open to startups from all regions, with some events and resources region-specific.

Application Process: Access our FREE product for start-ups by submitting an online form detailing your company’s age, size, funding status and product development stage, followed by an invite for an online interview.

We know how
to kick-start
your compliance

startup platform pricing

Free Plan

maximum 1 year
0 Monthly
  • Unlimited users
  • Online Support within 3-5 days
  • Wiki Access
  • 100 MB Data
  • 1 Audit View (framework)
  • SLA 97% Uptime

Pro Plan

maximum 1 year
75 Monthly
  • Unlimited users
  • Online Support within 24 hours
  • Wiki Access
  • 1 GB Data
  • 3 Audit View (framework)
  • SLA 99,9 % Uptime

Add content, training or support


  • 45+ security and privacy policies
  • IT infra (X-ray) Session
  • 4 AmA -Sessions with compliance officer


  • 45+ security and privacy policies
  • IT infra (X-ray) Session
  • 10 training sessions with compliance officer, coveren main topics security & privacy topics


800 per day
  • privacy officer / compliance officer
  • implementing security & privacy elements
  • following 12-days roadmap

What makes Compleye Platform Unique

Designed with External Audit Eye in mind.

Our Audit Views are the best cheat-sheets during external audits, you can connect multiple items to a requirement and add links to the single-source-of-truth to reduce audit time.

Supporting Operational Excellence.

Upload your IT infra ecosystem (X-ray) and assign individual risk components. And connect policies and procedures, controls, suppliers, improvements, and metrics to risk components

This approach supports the process of change and its impact, speeding up your decision-making process.

Automated Compliance Processes

Time-consuming compliance processes are automated and embedded in Compleye Online.

  • Operational planning of controls with execution evidence.
  • Risk Treatment Plan, Management Reviews
  • Supplier Management organised from onboarding to assessments.
  • Track versioning of documentation.