Compliance often is the elephant in the room with tech start-up ventures

I see this time and time again: One only realizes the importance of compliance when that first big sought-after (corporate) customer knocks on the door and puts down his list of minimum requirements. The clash between the agile culture of the start-up and the bureaucratic mill of the corporate is often a cold shower with no happy ending. 

In this blog I would like to delve further into this important pitfall and illustrate what a new venture should do instead. My name is Karolin Kruiskamp, founder of Compleye, and for more than 15 years I’ve been closely involved in start-ups. The last four of which I spent guiding tech start-ups in software development and microservices towards becoming compliant. Taking the compliance hurdle is key when you’re serious about bringing your product to the market.

ISO 27001 is a license to operate