Our Compliance Studio​ is the human factor of our platform

The Compliance Studio is our human factor to Compleye Online! Curious about the services we offer? Stay put! We will take you right through the ins and outs and everything in between. 

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All of our services will start with a short Intake Call, which will be 20 min max, to tell you all about the process and the preparation. Afterwards, we will plan the first meeting(s) with experts of our Lean Compliance Designer Team. 

Team Compleye

As a customer of our Compleye Online platform there a multiple options for services to book.

Such as Internal Audit support, Supplier Management Assessment, DPIA Assessment, External Audit support, GAP Analysis, Security Meetings Guidance, and much more!

With our DoItYourselfer package, you can do most of the steps yourself, but when you are stuck or come near to the certification moment, our Wizards of the Compliance Studio are there for you and help you out!

Looking for your best solution for your ISO 27001 certification or Compliance Roadmap startup? Plan a free call with us!

Our Lean Compliance Designers

The Wizards of Compleye are our Lean Compliance Designers.

Designers , because you need professionals that are creative enough to support your agile  Business- and Product Development.  Lean, because we listen, analyse and define small steps to take on your Compliance Roadmap. We believe that Compliance is the new operational excellence and should not be boring. During Sessions we do our best to Making Compliance almost Fun

Compliance Team Compleye

“It's a safe and in-control way of setting up ISMS and I am impressed with the planning already after the first day."​