We make compliance
(almost) fun!

Our Compleye Team is devoted to making compliance simple and fun! We do this with an international team of professionals! Meet our team here and feel free to connect with them on Linkedin!

Compleye is Karolin Cristina William Paula Angelika Amandine Stephanie Karl Viktoriia Tania Claudia Marily Amalia Florin Damian

Karolin Kruiskamp

Founder | CEO

Cristina Cumpanasoiu

Partner | CPO

William Hurst


Paula Perkusic

Lean Compliance Designer

Angelika Churchman

Lean Compliance Designer

Amandine Durand

Lean Compliance Designer

Stephanie Steggehuis​
Stephanie Steggehuis

Growth Expert

Karl Busuttil

Growth Expert

Viktoriia Martynova

Graphic Designer

Compleye WIzard
Tania Hewage

Compliance Wizard

Claudia Eicker-Harris

Content Creator

Maria lliana Vasilopoulou

Communication Intern

Amalia Bunea


Florin Potopea


Damian Manea


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External experts

Jean-Michel Azzopardi

Cybersecurity Expert

Dagmar van Ravenswaay Claasen

FinTech Expert