Meet Compleye

With a background of 25 years in organisational design and 15 years of experience in the Tech Start-up industry, Karolin (our founder) encountered her first compliance challenge in 2017 –  finding a solution for a young and small start-up to comply with corporate standards and drive the business to its first global contract.

Quite the challenge, right?

She, nevertheless, successfully finished this job in a few months. The deal was closed and Karolin realised that this challenge would become the #1 business driver for all tech start-ups. Hence, Compleye was officially born in 2018. 

The successful lean approach was translated into a platform – Compleye Online – in combination with an educational component – our Compleye Wiki – enabling a Do-It-Yourself approach. There is also a compliance guide when you need support.

We started in the Pharma industry – with perhaps the highest compliance standards – and validated our approach in other Health Tech-, FinTech-, e-Commerce- and Smart-City industries. There is one thing our client base has in common – they are B2B SMEs offering a technical product or service.

Now, in 2023, we grow and scale with our clients, our team, our products, and services. The rest is history

Our Value Proposition 

We understand your compliance challenges. That’s why we provide an online tool that is lean & agile, with the aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of compliance. This way, we contribute to building trust between you and your stakeholders.

We are not your cybersecurity implementation partner. Neither are we lawyers that will draw up your Terms & Conditions. However, we partner up with companies that can provide these services. We’ve got you.

Compleye is Karolin William Angelika Amandine Stephanie Karl Tania Claudia Marily Florin Damian Nsovo Álvaro Veronika  Iuliana Cristina

Our Compleye Team is devoted to making compliance simple and fun! We do this with an international team of professionals! Meet our team here and feel free to connect with them on Linkedin!