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Startup studio’s, startup factories or venture studio’s, all different names for ecosystems building next generation ventures. We understand how that works, as Compleye is part of the venture build ecosystem of Venturerock. ​ ​ Understanding the importance of compliance during the building process will prepare ventures along the way to enable a kick-start, once ready for scaling. Achieving compliance efficiently will strengthen security awareness culture and build trust with customers and investors.​

Compleye Online is your central hub for managing and simplifying all your compliance efforts. We’re here to make your journey to regulatory adherence straightforward and efficient.​

We practice lean Compliance, an agile way of working following your business roadmap.

We live in a world where the only constant is change. Business models, hardware, software, people, risks and opportunities: all will change or need to adapt during the venture-build-process. Stakeholders involved (investors, regulators, customers and end-users) need to be informed of the impact of the changes. Lean Compliance visualise and simplifies this process to keep your eye on the business and product and reduces the complexity of compliance. So, you stay in control of your security, privacy and quality challenges. ​

In-house Compliance Expertise

​ We provide (online) office hours for your ecosystem, ensuring that ventures have access to expert guidance on compliance questions when needed. This dedicated support empowers them to address compliance concerns effectively, enhancing their security posture and fostering trust within the market.​

Compliance program

Our online workshops can be integrated into your venture-build-program. Ventures learn early on what to address soon (start-up phase) and what to address later (scale up phase), to increase compliance awareness during sales conversations with corporates. ​

Portfolio Management

​ Create a compliance board for every venture and have a real time overview of basic operational & compliance information of your ventures. It will save time and resources and supports sharing best practice programs. ​ Because compliance is the new operational excellence. ​

Our Our Venture Build Partnerships

Meet your Venture Building Ecosystem Contact

Nsovo Nkatingi

Nsovo Nkatingi, responsible for managing startup ecosystem partnerships, brings her exceptional startup experience to ensure seamless collaboration. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by startups, Nsovo skillfully guides and supports ecosystem partners, fostering thriving relationships and contributing to their ongoing success.

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