Compleye´s Gift Voucher!

We are happy seeing your here and that you have received a voucher from one of our happy Compleye Clients. Feel free to schedule your free compliance sessions here.

Important: you can not reschedule the meeting. Make sure when you plan the meeting you are able to attend the call.

What do we do?

Compleye offers an online tool & customized support for your security and privacy challenges

We have the knowledge and experience to implement international standards (e.g: ISO27001, SOC-2, ISO27701, ISAE, PCI DSS, ISO13485, 9001) for smart technology B2B companies.

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Your voucher is only valid for the year 2022 and can be used only once! Please make sure when you book the meeting you are able to join. No show means that you cannot reschedule.  This session is only a consultancy session. 

Compleye Online feels like I am in the brain of a Lean Compliance Designer​.