The All-in-One Compliance Platform for SaaS Startups ready to own their ISO 27001 Requirements

Duration: 12 months

✅ Full access to Compleye Online featuring all sections for the ISO27001 requirements

✅ Access to the WIKI with all the information and steps to help you fill in the fields in Compleye Online

✅ Your very own Account Manager

✅ Top-notch Technical Support

✅ The option to book services with our Lean (and not-so-mean) Compliance Officers

✅ Access for up to 25 users

Compliance just became much easier and faster!

Compleye Online is the an all-in-one compliance platform that gives you a great operational overview and provides all the requirements for your privacy and security challenges on your journey toward your ISO 27001 certification.

Be like WeVestr and get your ISO 27001 certification with the help of the Compleye Online platform. All WeVestr customers get 2 months free (a €500 discount!) when you sign up for a one-year contract.

Inside the Do-It-Yourselfer Package

Why rely on Compleye?

An online tool (Compleye Online) with a user manual (The Wiki). 

A deep understanding of the start-up journey and culture. 

Lean, transparent and no-nonsense way of working. 

The unheard-of ability to make compliance (almost) fun.  

20+ years of combined experience in compliance. 

Compleye automates your compliance processes and teaches you the why, how, and what so you understand what you’re doing. 

Fun Facts about Compleye

👩🏻 85% are woman 

🔥 Growing fast

💻 100% remote company

🌎 We have 10+ different cultures in the team

🐶 Almost all team members have dogs!

Ready to sign up?

✅ A free X-Ray session to see what falls in scope

✅ A step-by-step ISO 27001 Roadmap

✅ Our ISO 27001 Wiki will guide you along the road

✅ 35+ Audit proof policy templates

✅ Access to Compleye Online 

€3000 excl VAT

Contract: 12 Months
€ 500 WeVestr Discount

Sign up today for just: €2500 excl VAT

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