Why did we decide to create DIY Compliance Tool?

Why did we decide to create DIY Compliance Tool? | Compleye

What if we told you that you can start with your business’ compliance matters all by yourself? Yes, you’re reading it correctly: tackling them without compliance officers, masterminds and wizkids, just by using your rookie-based knowledge. Please say hi to DIY, within the online platform of Compleye. 

Do It Yourself Compliance Platform

Getting started with your security and privacy challenges – it isn’t called a challenge for no reason – seems to be a huge burden for companies. We often hear that, especially smaller businesses, don’t have the time, the knowledge or the budget (and therefore not the motivation or stimulation) to actually start getting involved with it. That’s why we created our all-in-one do it yourself platform: Compleye Online. This way, you effortlessly DIY into the world of compliance. 

The advantages? Besides our platform being both cost-effective – the average compliance officer (that you don’t have to hire) easily makes around a tonne every year – and time-effective, our tools like the wiki and compliance guide are available for you at any time. Because of these tools, you can always check the meaning of the terminology, see which things you do and/or don’t need, what is mandatory for a company of your size and much more. Another big plus is that you gather and save all of the evidence that you collected within the platform, thus all in one place.

With Compleye Online, you lay the foundation for your business’ compliance without spending that much hours, energy or money. Once your company is growing and you decide to scale up, you can always decide to involve someone that takes over these tasks. For now, DIY your heart out. 

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