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Compleye Online consists of Steps, Topics, and subtopics to cover all the ISO27001 topics. We have defined 4 different steps. Below is a description of the steps with the topics that you will address.  

Sections in this step will give you an overview of your assets and resources and enable you to control them as well e.g. in People@ Overview you can keep track of the expiry date of your employee’s contracts. To ensure that you will make use of all the functionalities, we advise following a specific order, because they are connected to other steps. e.g. If you add a team member you will be able to assign them as owners of suppliers or assign them to tasks.  

Section  Topic Sub Topic (top menu)  
Leadership & Management  People@    
Measures & controls  Asset Management    
Risks & opportunities  Suppliers Overview   
Measures & controls  Access Management  Software Access 

When finishing step 1, we offer a free X-Ray Session with one of our Lean Compliance Designers.  

In this 1,5 hour session, we dive into your Value Proposition, explore your Organization & Context, Interested Parties & Legal Requirements, and co-create your own X-Ray. This X-Ray will be the base for scope and we will assign the X-Ray Components for the next phase.  

This is also a great way for us to get to know you and for you to address your most important compliance questions. After this Session you will be able to finish the following Sections: 

Section   Topic  Sub Topic (top menu)  
Strategy & ambition  Organisation & Context   
Legal & compliance  Interested Parties & Legal Requirements   
IT infrastructure X-Ray  Customized X-Ray Components 

After the X-Ray Session, you will have a much clearer picture on what are the riskiest parts of your business. Now it is time to document all the risks and continue with gathering information that you probably already have in place (legal documents). And if you do not have all documentation in place (e.g. security procedures & policies), we will provide you with templates, to be customized by yourself.  

Section  Topic  Sub topic (top menu)  
Legal & compliance  Intellectual Property    
Legal & compliance  Contracts Overview    
Legal & compliance  GDPR  Legal Basis, User Documentation, User GDPR Rights Requests, Data Breached, DPA Overview 
Legal & compliance  Global impact    
Risks & opportunities  Data Classification    
Risks & opportunities  Information Security Risk Assessment    
Risks & opportunities  Disaster Recovery Plan    
Risks & opportunities  Supplier Assessment    
Risks & opportunities  GDPR Assessment    
Risks & opportunities  DPIA    
Policies & Procedures  Policies  Security, Privacy 
Leadership & Management  Roles and Competences    
Leadership & Management  Organization, Jobs and Descriptions    
Operations  Improvements   

The next part is the core of your ISMS – this is where you are going to define what you want to achieve and what activities you are going to undertake. And of course, you will need to assign owners and deadlines to all activities.  

Section   Topic  Sub Topic (top menu)  
Measures & controls  Controls    
Measures & controls  Monitoring     
Measures & controls  Security Metrics    
Measures & controls  Access Management  X-Ray Components 
Leadership & Management  Training    
Strategy & ambition  ISMS Objectives    
Operations  Security Meetings    
Operations  Call to Actions 

If or when you decide to get certified for ISO27001, these last modules are mandatory to get you well prepared. Start first with the Preparation to understand how and when to start up that process, so you know what costs, time, and resources you need to assign.  

Section  Topic Sub Topic (top menu)  
Risks & opportunities  Business Continuity Plan    
Mandatory Documentation  Ch 4-10 ISO27001    
Internal Audit  Internal Audit     
ISO Certification  Scope     
ISO Certification  Statement of applicability     
ISO Certification  Management review    
ISO Certification  Certification information    
 ISO Certification  Preparation    
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