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Key Features

Compleye Online has an Audit Trail enabled via Activity Log by default and keeps record of the activities and changes to all sections and subsections. Activity details are grouped by day and type of changes logged are: Added, Removed or Updated.

Users are able to view changes that they have performed or those of their team members, therefore there is control over the data alongside information about what changed, who changed it and when. This functionality meets audit requirements.  

The Activity Log overview can be exported as a PDF document. 

This functionality enables Users to add general information on specific topics, add specific documents to a module, or write notes for other team members and users of Compleye Online. In the Wiki pages of the specific Section you can find examples, tips and checklists that you can use for this feature, by copying the wiki info into this feature, you can customize content to your own needs. Other team members can use this also as a checklist, quick read or a reference.   

The overviews in Sections can be customized by making use of Filters. First check the filter and choose which fields you want to use in your overview. Next click on Filter – a horizontal search bar will appear and you can make use of the search feature.  

There is possibility to download information. Activity Log downloads can be a requirement for high level compliance standards in Quality Management Systems. X-Ray Components Downloads can be used during compliance processes, when stakeholders request general security information on specific components.  


In some Sections and subsections you can find this Dynamic field function. This will enable you to add an extra custom field to a specific form and removing such field, if required. When adding such a field to a new record (e.g. a new team member) – The field will automatically be added to existing records. Please be careful adding these fields  – as they will have impact on the view mode when you will add a new record. 

Clients can create an account only via registration email invite received from Compleye. The registration links are secured by an expiry time limit of 48h. There is an ability to resend the invite in case the link has expired or the invitee failed to receive the registration link.  Account registration form requires generation of the password with the requirement of minimum of 8 characters, with upper and lowercase, a number and a symbol. Clients have the possibility to change their passwords and to reset their passwords in case they forgot their credentials.  

In order to supplement a user-controlled password, Compleye Online provides the two factor authentication (2FA) solution with an unique and dynamically generated code by an authenticator. 

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