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Hi Super Cool Customer,

Welcome on board at Compleye Online. On this platform we will guide you, how to setup your Information Security Management System (ISMS).  

The design requirements for Compleye Online are: 

  • To comply with the ISO27001 standards – the international standard for cybersecurity. To collect all compliance evidence in one place. So when you choose to get certified, you can use this platform for evidence during external audit.  
  • To support Start-ups already in early stage in becoming compliant. So we start always with 4 sections that are already useful to begin with and help you to be more in control of your operations. These 4 Sections are People@, Suppliers, Hardware Assets and Software Access) 
  • To support our Lean Compliance Approach (the secret sauce that made us so successful), we believe that you first need to build a minimum viable ISMS that is organized around your Value Proposition. Fom there you can scale your ISMS to the needs of your business and product.  
  • To be user-friendly – and that is where we count on you, as a Super Cool Customer – to provide us feedback so we can continue improving our product.  

We have created this Compleye Online Wiki, for the purpose of: 

  1. Providing you with information on the features and functionalities 
  1. Explaining the relation between all the Sections and the ISO27001 requirements 
  1. Share knowledge on how the requirements can be interpreted for your particular situation 

Compleye is focussed on answering the questions that you have about security, privacy and quality. On topics that we think are important and need much more in depth information, we make use of external online knowledge sources, to gain more in depth knowledge. So, we advise you to always read the Wiki, before filling in the information on Sections or refer to it when finding yourself stuck.  
We update the Wiki regularly – and welcome any questions that are not yet addressed in this environment. So please get your free access to the Compleye Online environment and explore it for yourself if you are not working with Compleye Online yet!

Wishing you a successful ISMS Flow! 


Mary Curious 
Your Online Compliance Coach 

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