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Xetova’s experience of the 5 Days Intensive from Compleye: “it’s insightful and intense.”

in the summer of 2021, Compleye helped its first international client, Xetova, start its compliance journey with the 5 Day Intensive program (5DI). It was an excellent opportunity for the Compleye team to make sure our lean compliance approach and methods adjusted to an international context. Despite the difference between European and African compliance landscapes, the 5DI program provided the proper support to Xetova. 

Xetova, an online platform created in 2019 in Kenya, connects suppliers, buyers, and financiers in the procurement ecosystem. The company, therefore, has many challenges in terms of data confidentiality. Sensing the push towards compliance and data privacy in Africa, Xetova has the ambition to achieve a high level of accountability.

However, for Bramuel Mwalo, Xetova’s CEO, compliance can be a challenging topic to tackle: “when you hear compliance, you get tired […] Compliance takes much time, if you’re not trained or if you don’t have the capacity within the organization”. That is the issue Compleye’s 5DI intends to solve by making it simple to understand the ISO standard, set out goals, and start the journey. The 5-day format also made it easy for Xetova to focus and deliver its roadmap.

So how has Xetova’s team experienced the program? 

When asked about it, the CEO sums it up: “in a nutshell, it’s pretty insightful and intense.” He especially appreciated that Compleye had “broken down in a few days a process that usually takes months” to provide a simple and effective way of doing things for smaller companies. 

In the first days of the program, Compleye’s coaches helped Xetova assess what needed to be done, identify which organizational processes need to be in place, and audit existing ones. Based on this, Compleye and Xetova successfully worked towards building a compliance roadmap for the following months. Nearing the end of the 5DI, according to Bramuel Mwalo, it was no more a question of “if but when” they would be certified. As a result, Xetova has finally set its goal to achieve ISO27001 certification at the beginning of 2022. 

It is essential for Compleye that the teams feel engaged by the program. That is why the entire Xetova product team also took part in 5DI. Compleye’s coaches interacted with team members to walk them through each step of the way. Xetova’s team also liked the “educative” part of the program as we walked through the depth of the processes and documentation that is important for compliance. Back and forth behind the scenes between Compleye’s and Xetova’s teams made it easier to progress together.

So if, like Xetova, you would like to benefit from Compleye’s 5DI program, get in touch with us. We will be happy to coach your international teams wherever they are located and adapt our approach and method to your company’s context.

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