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#TNW....did you know you are losing big contracts by not having a good information security and privacy system in place?

You might think you have them in place, however 98% of all non-certified SME’s fail in what they promised in their Privacy and Security Policies. Did you perform a GDPR Assessment?  Are you aware of all your cybersecurity risks? Did you even think about compliance in your business plan? 

For everyone that passed by our booth or talked with us at TNW we want to give a change to win one year free access to Compleye Online so your business can prepare for the ISO 27001 requirements!! 

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Because of brands like these, we can do what we do best:
Making compliance almost fun!

Can you check off all these boxes?

You didn´t score a 100% did you?

That is time to Start-up your Compliance and Prepare your business....

Facing your security & privacy challenges, while maintaining the exclusive focus on your business. Would you comply?

At Compleye, we deliver actionable and objective insight to smart-technology companies. Our specially designed do-it-yourself platform, enables smarter decisions and stronger performance on your organisation’s security & privacy priorities without compromising on quality. How? By keeping things simple and straightforward. 

Ready to translate your compliance challenges into opportunities?

Proof you do what you are saying and keep doing it

Being compliant means that you are able to show evidence of activities supporting the security and privacy of your customer data.

You need to have a compliance plan

Feel confident talking about your security and privacy management system and how that system will follow the business needs of your customers.

Prepare your business for Data Breaches

We can not 100% avoid all risks, however we can be prepared on incidents, disasters and databreaches.

Build trust with ISO27001 certification

The best core of every security system is the international accepted standard of ISO27001. It is your license to operate.


250 Per month
  • Company Profile
  • Strategy & Ambition
  • Legal & Ambitions
  • IT Infrastructure X-Ray
  • Risk & Opportunities
  • Improvements
  • Security Policies & Procedures
  • Measures & Controls
  • Operations
  • Leadership & Management
  • Template pack of the Policies
  • Access to the WIki
  • 1-1 Sessions
  • Technical Support
  • Account Manager

Forgot who we are? Let’s start at the beginning, by introducing our founder: Karolin Kruiskamp.

With a background of 25 years in organisational design and 15 years of experience in the Tech Start-up industry, she encountered her first compliance challenge in 2017. “Finding a solution for a young and small Start-up, to comply with corporate standards and drive the business to its first global contract”. Quite the challenge, right? She, nevertheless, successfully finished this job in a few months. The deal was closed and Karolin realised that this challenge would become the #1 business driver for all Tech Start-ups. Hence, Compleye was officially born in 2018.  

Ever since then, we have translated this successful lean approach into a platform – Compleye Online – in combination with an educational component – our Compleye Wiki – enabling a Do-It-Yourself approach. Additionally, there is a Compliance Guide when you need a little bit of support. No shame. 

Now, in 2022, we grow and scale with our Clients, our Team, our Products and Services. The rest is history.

With our online platform we support technology driven B2B SME’s in all stages with their compliance challenges. Spend less time managing your compliance with our all-in-one compliance platform!

Your all-in-one Compliance platform!

Monitoring & Measuring | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Monitoring & Measuring

Policies Templates | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Policies Templates

Compliance Roadmap | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Compliance Roadmap

DIY Instructions | Compliance Platform | Compleye


Visual Value Proposition | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Visual Value Proposition

Applicability Statement | Compliance Platform | Compleye

Applicability Statement

Compleye Online & Your Business

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