Challenge or Opportunity?

NIS-2 is an EU Directive, soon to be translated into  cybersecurity laws within every EU country. 

What is your answer to
the #1 compliance question of 2024 
Are you NIS-2 compliant?

The Why, What and How of NIS-2

Why? Technology is connecting people, devices and IT systems.  Cybersecurity threats can harm every business and the impact can spread like an oil stain to other companies. Therefore all businesses must be protected from cybercrimes. 

What? NIS-2 is first focussed on essential organisations (e.g. infrastructures, hospitals, electricity plants etc.). However, those essential organisations will need to reduce the risk amongst vendors, so the question will be raised to the supply chain of essential organisations. And governments are in charge of the classification of organisations for NIS-2

How?  As always with laws and regulations, it is a complex pile of paper: starting with the NIS-2 directive from the EU and the individual country laws. So you probably will need guidance for gap analysis or a complete implementation plan. 

NIS-2 Training

The Compleye approach is always practical. We translate the NIS-2 ‘boardroom talks’ into actionable Roadmaps for implementation.

only 4 days weg go over all NIS-2 topics and train your team. This approach is supported by Compleye Online – for efficiency and security. 

NIS-2 Verification

If you have already an established ISMS in place just want to check if it meets the NIS-2 requirements. You can compare it with an internal audit or Gap Analysis. 

only 2 days we deliver a report with improvements. Supported by Compleye Online – for efficient Audit View. 


NIS-2 Training

4 days
  • day 1 Scope, Legal & Supplier Management
  • days 2 IT Security Policies & Assessments
  • day 3 HR and Security
  • day 4 Crisis Management & Reporting
  • Including templates & X-ray session
  • Free Access to Compleye Online for 6 months

NIS-2 Verification

2 days
  • online investigation process
  • investigations meeting with security team
  • NIS-2 Audit Report, with improvements
  • NIS-2 verification statment
  • Including templates & X-ray session
  • Free Access to Compleye Online for 6 months

Translate NIS-2 into a new opportunity
to strengthen customer relations.